We could give profiles of the people of our church, but that would be too easy. Instead we thought a little word mosaic might paint a more succinct, even poetic picture.

We are single. We play football. We care for the elderly. We play guitar. We love steam engines. We have depression. We go to school. We do DIY. We are mums & dads. We are Cubs. We are Cub leaders.

We love our grandchildren. We are married. We are retired. We have served our Country. We watch nature. We watch out for our neighbours. We pray. We play.

We are amateur photographers. We ride bikes. We care about the environment. We are on Facebook. We are Welsh. We play darts. We eat foreign food. We don’t eat foreign food.

We have lost loved ones. We sing. We laugh. We teach. We don’t like short days. We are serious about justice. We act. We are losing weight. We are healed. We dance.

We are Emmanuel. And you are welcome to join us.