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A place to drop in and take a breath.

The name Sunshine Corner has long been associated with Emmanuel. Back in the 1960s it was given to the church’s children’s club. It stuck so well many locals of that era still call the church that! Because of its popularity we have decided to use it again for this very different venture; to provide a space for those dropping children at Cherbourg School, Little Stars Pre-School (Some of which may well be the grand-children of original Sunshine Cornerers!) or just passing by to stop for a breather, a catch-up with others, make new friends and enjoy some refreshments.

We serve coffee (regular and decaff), tea (regular, decaff and herbal), hot chocolate, squash (orange, lemon and apple & blackcurrant), toast (with butter and Marmite or honey) and perhaps the odd Bourbon or Custard Cream biscuit, all for a donation.WP_20160915_08_11_15_Pro

There is some play stuff to occupy your little ones, too.

To find us, and for travel information, click here.

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For more information please contact our pastor Charlie, or Gemma (one of the mums leading this project).