Pastor Charlie Keene

Pastor Charlie Keene

About Emmanuel

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Emmanuel, in the heart of south Eastleigh. Our doors are open to all so you will be welcome here. We believe we have a message from the heart of God that could change your life and we’d love to share it with you.

Some churches are large, have loads of resources and wall-to-wall activities; Emmanuel isn’t like that – yet! We are few in number at the moment and so are looking for established Christians to join us who will benefit from our ministry, friendship and support, but who will also give something to the church. If that is you, we would love you to help us make Emmanuel one of those large, well resourced, activity filled churches.

Worship Service.
Sunday 10.30am except 3rd Sunday per month, 5pm.

Includes Sunday School. Communion alternate weeks.

Sunshine Corner.
Monday-Friday school term-time, 8am-10am

Our morning drop-in.

Prayer and Bible Study.
Day, time and venue as announced

An informal time of exploring the Word of God and prayer.

But what if you are someone who seldom or never goes to church? Well, we need you most of all. Our aim is to introduce people to the Christian faith who are not churchy people. We believe that God wants to change lives, bringing healing and forgiveness from sin, filling the ‘hole’ people often feel exists in their own experience. Perhaps you feel like that.

You are welcome to visit us without any strings attached. As our guest you won’t have to put money in the offering (unless you want to!) and we will not ask for any personal details other than your name, and we won’t pester you afterwards. However, we’d love to talk with you and pray with you if you would like us to. We just want you to enjoy being with us. As Moses said in the Bible:

“If you come with us, we will share with you whatever good things the Lord gives us”

(Numbers 10:32, New International Version).

If you do visit us, you will find that our Sunday services are lively and relaxed with modern worship songs. And despite the size of the church, we do sing with a good deal of enthusiasm. We encourage congregation participation and no-one falls asleep in my sermons! Our children and young people have their own activities during the latter part of the service, after which you are welcome to join us for a mug of Fairtrade tea or coffee and perhaps a biscuit or even, on occasion, a bit of cake.

People are the jewels in Emmanuel’s crown. Members and leaders alike, our hearts, not our heads, are in the clouds. We cover a wide age range and come from a variety of backgrounds. We don’t judge, but we do care; people who come to us become part of our ‘family’ very quickly.

Emmanuel is close to Eastleigh and Barton Peveril Colleges and Southampton University is just a few miles away. We welcome students into our family – promising to give a spiritual home without being ‘studenty’, to give support in prayer and with our love.